Friday, April 5, 2013

Pope Francis: Daily Roundup


  • Francis: “I’m staying at St. Martha’s House because I don’t want to isolate myself” La Stampa "The Vatican Insider" 04/05/13:
    The Argentinean priest, [Fr. Jorge Chichinzola], who was ordained at the same time as the new Pope, said Francis confirmed he was going to visit Argentina next December and added that he “never forgets his friends.” But during last Sunday’s telephone call , Bergoglio talked to Fr. Jorge about his reasons for staying in St. Martha’s House. Francis “likes sitting down to table with others, chatting and sharing news. He doesn’t want to be isolated.” When they showed him the rooms in the papal apartment, he said: “This is too big for me.” “He also added that he was driving his escorts and security staff crazy because he likes getting close to people, but that now they are getting used to it,” Fr. Chichinzola said.
  • Pope Francis confirms Benedict XVI's decisive line on sex abuse Vatican Radio. 04/05/13. communique issued Friday morning by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith:
    The Holy Father today received in audience Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. During the audience, various subjects pertaining to the Dicastery were discussed, the Holy Father recommended in particular that the Congregation, continue the line desired by Benedict XVI of decisive action regarding cases of sexual abuse, primarily by promoting measures for child protection; help for the many who in the past have suffered such violence; due process against those who are guilty; the commitment of Bishops' Conferences in the formulation and implementation of the necessary directives in this area which is of great importance to the witness of the Church and its credibility. The Holy Father assured that the victims of abuse and their suffering are especially present in his thoughts and prayers.


  • "The Francis Effect" a reflection by Luis Montesano, a fourth-year seminarian in Buenos Aires. (Zenit 04/05/13):
    The “Night of Charity” is an activity carried out in Buenos Aires, in which each parish goes out once a week to distribute food to individuals who live on the street, and primarily to take Christ to them. Bergoglio was always clear about the order of activities: first Eucharistic Adoration, then go out to meet Christ who is in the poor who live on the streets, to give them something to eat, to engage in conversation with them, which enables us to take Christ to those persons. On one occasion we wanted to enlarge the parish radius of the “Night of Charity,” to reach more people. Through the parish priest, Cardinal Bergoglio said to us: “Don’t be hasty. This isn’t fast food, but the order is Christ first, then Christ, and finally Christ.” (That is, Christ in Eucharistic Adoration, Christ in the poor, and taking Christ to the poor). I think Pope Francis will be concerned especially with the poorest, to take Christ to them.
  • In Argentina, some hope new pope brings Catholics back to churches, by David Agren. Catholic News Service:
    Rafaela Gonzalez spent the wee hours of March 19 watching the installation of the first Argentine pope on the big screens outside the city's cathedral. She spoke with admiration about Pope Francis, with disdain for the country's political picture and with concern for the church in a country with an overwhelmingly Catholic population, but a flock moving further from parishes, priests and church practices. ...
  • Who Francis may be based on who Bergoglio was, by John Allen Jr. National Catholic Reporter 04/05/13.
  • Book co-written with Argentine rabbi sheds light on Francis’ views, by Eloisa Perez-Lozano. National Catholic Reporter 04/05/13. The book, which touches on Francis' thoughts on atheism, abortion, fundamentalism and same-sex marriage, will be available in North America beginning April 30.

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