Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pope Francis: Daily Roundup


  • Friendship began with soccer, led to improved Catholic-Jewish ties, by David Agren. Catholic News Service. 03/27/13:
    Rabbi Abraham Skorka recalls meeting Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio at a Mass for a national holiday two decades ago.

    They shook hands afterward, and "he looked deep into my eyes," Skorka recalled of the man who would be elected Pope Francis. "He told me, 'I think this year we're going to eat chicken soup.' "

    The line referred to Argentine soccer. Skorka pulls for the River Plate club, whose fans are commonly called "chickens" by rivals. Francis supports the San Lorenzo club.

    According to Agren, "Soccer formed the initial bridge -- but their bond went beyond sport and helped to bring Christians and Jews closer together after some episodes of less-than-cordial relations in Argentina."
  • Vatican-Produced Documentary Reveals Francis' 1st Words After Election Zenit. 03/27/13:
    “I am a great sinner. Trusting in the mercy and patience of God, in suffering, I accept.” Monsignor Dario Edoardo ViganĂ², director of the Vatican Television Center (CTV), revealed those words as the first uttered by Pope Francis when accepting his election as the Supreme Roman Pontiff.
  • Ignatius Press releases first Pope biography today as e-book, April 10th in stores Ignatius Insight 03/27/13. Available today in English, first as an e-book and in hardcover April 10, “Francis, Pope of a New World” (Ignatius Press, $19.95), is a fascinating, definitive and complete biography on Pope Francis.


  • Spiritual Worldliness: Pope Francis’ Critique of the Church, by Dr. Jeff Mirus. 03/27/13:
    This critique of a certain malaise in the Church can refer only to one thing: When we start defining the Church according to how we ourselves are, we are committing this sin of narcissism; we are being self-referential. And in this sense, we are making the Church self-referential in all of her operations, which must be carried out through her members. Let us consider some practical applications of the Pope’s thesis.
  • Pope Francis' First Easter, by Edward Pentin. National Catholic Register 03/27/13. "The papal events will highlight the Holy Father’s personal simplicity and humility."
  • ‘Rome Will Not Change Him,’ Argentinian Catholics Say of Pope Francis, by Carlos Caso-Rosendi and Joan Frawley. National Catholic Register 03/27/13. The humble pastoral style that has caught the world’s attention is well known to Catholics in Buenos Aires, as is his deep Marian devotion.

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